how much a lawyer makes

Lawyers are respected people in our society. Every kid in the neighborhood wants to become a lawyer when they grow up. This is probably because they see lawyers looking successful in their day-to-day lives. But how much a lawyer makes in the USA?

How much a lawyer makes per hour?

Based on the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report of May 2016, a practicing lawyer takes an hourly salary of $56.81.  In other words, when this is summed up, these attorneys take home an annual rate to the salary of $118,160.

Do lawyers make a lot of money?

Different types of lawyers earn different amounts of money. Some take an hourly rate while others take a flat rate.  Civil lawyers less money-hat lawyers who specialize in business fields, including corporate law.

What it takes to become a lawyer

  • To become a successful lawyer, it takes a period of 8 to 10 years. You will have spent an up to $250,000 on education.
  • You have to answer to your boss
  • You will need a sum of $300,000 to start you own firm
  • You will have to spend a lot of hours of paperwork
  • You will have court dates to deal with
  • An average of 90 hours of work every week.

What is the highest paying job?

In the current economy, we cannot say which profession earns more than the other. It all depends on your dedication, willingness to learn new things as well as hard work. Many other things can be done to improve your income. But, in the USA, Maxillofacial surgeons, Gynecologist, as well as orthodontists earn an average of $208,000. In USA, lawyers also make a lot of money based on a number of researches.

Tips to improve your income as a lawyer

It’s advisable to work smart as a lawyer and boost your income. First, why not concentration in your studies, pass highly, and have all the required documents ready.

Start your firm; build your brand by working hard and ensuring that you win all your cases. Help the needy to pursue their dreams in law. Help the needy with legal advises without charging them

This is called building your reputation, and it’s one of the best marketing strategies that many people may not know.

Allow internees in your firm and guide them properly. Employ hard-working lawyers with good merits.  There is no doubt that your firm will be the talk of the town, and within no time, you will be charging a whole sum of money just or consultation.


How much do lawyers make? Form the above illustrations, it’s clear that lawyers vs. attorneys make a lot of money because on their experience, determination, hard work, and the type of their specialization. Becoming a lawyer is one thing, and how much a lawyer makes is another. Work smart and boost your income within no time. It is possible just as discussed in the article above.

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