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Who doesn’t wanna be rich? Who doesn’t wanna make money? It’s a fact that it is an instinct in everyone. But to be rich, one has to do a lot of hard work, be studious. Especially when it’s about a job of a law field, it’s not easy-peasy to get one. That would be harder for you to have a law job, or I should say be a lawyer when we’ve gained no knowledge about the law field. 

If you want to earn the most money by doing a law-field-job, you have to know about the kinds or types of lawyers who can make the most money from this field. For example, which department of law field can help you to earn the most money? etc,etc.If you are on this way to find the answer and in a hurry mood to get a law-job and start making money, you can check “types of lawyers” in the below that can help you make your wish come true. Let’s get started.

Types Of Lawyer

● Family & Divorce Lawyers

● Corporate Lawyers

● Real Estate Lawyers

● Personal Injury Lawyers 

● Health Care Lawyers 

● Immigration Lawyers

● Intellectual Property Lawyers

● Criminal Defense Lawyers

● Bankruptcy Lawyers

● Tax Attorneys

Family & Divorce Lawyers

When a family or a couple doesn’t want to stay under the same roof anymore, they are about to divide their property and wish to settle on their own; that is the case where they need a lawyer who can help them to get their rights with personal necessities. That’s the family and divorce lawyer.

A family & divorce lawyer can help a family get rid of personal issues like children’s custody (single, joint), dividing unique things equally, etc. As this could be a tough & rough case for a lawyer to handle, the salary or payment of a lawyer for this kind of issue can be $74,000-$84,000 at the early stage. But now, it is essential to see how nicely the lawyer can handle the case.

Corporate Lawyers

There is always a need for a corporate lawyer when a firm or a company must be handled with full regulation. Generally, a corporate lawyer acts to manage all projects, contracts, goods delivery & so on. In short, the whole nine yards of an industry. 

Suppose you are a ready-witted person, thumbs up for you! And the salary? Your remarkable capability will bring you in the sit of $98,000-$115,000 quickly. 

Real Estate Lawyers 

Sometimes, a house-owner or a rent-holder needs more security or safeguard to handle their properties, assets, etc. To take over all of these, a real estate lawyer is always required. The lawyer of this field makes the best-secured part for his or her client’s lives. They do the best so that their client can feel secured of anything related to their lives like properties, bank loans, agreement papers, etc. Sometimes, this type of lawyer also takes care of their client’s living environment, like knowing that place, environment properly where their client lives, it’s safe for them or not, and many.

When the lawyer is taking so much care of his or her clients, or I should say saving people’s life, it’s the purist duty to give them the highest payment to make their lives also better. $90,000-$120,000 is expected salary for a real estate lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyers 

You must be surprised after hearing this kind of lawyer. You may also think, do they exist? Yes, you got it. This kind of lawyer exists. People are supposed to be injured physically, which leads to an incurred loss to their health issues. Personal injury lawyers handle this kind of case. They cover up the reasons for the failures of their client’s perceptible object and how to recover the client’s properties so that the client gets his proper rights. This field is no less than others. And so is the salary. If you are thinking of getting on this field, approximately $73000 can add to your pockets, no doubt!!

Health Care Lawyers

“Healthy life makes a better life.” A person should take care of his health after understanding the real meaning of this. But if he is so busy with his work life that he couldn’t get a second to keep himself fit & fine, he must hire a healthcare lawyer. This kind of lawyer can help him to keep updated on his health. A health care lawyer often works in many health insurance companies, sometimes in medicals, and clinics. His act is to make his client ensured his health life, handling medical procedures, taking care of his client has been done & so many.

As it’s a matter of taking care someone’s healthy life, not easy to do, of course, the lawyer of this deserves to get $147,000 in a year.

Immigration Lawyers

When a citizen gets into trouble, making himself proved his citizenship. Still, the problems didn’t solve & he couldn’t fight the case anymore, must need an Immigration lawyer, who can be a helping-handed for him. This type of lawyer helps people get their good citizenship by collecting their previous information such as where they were born, where they lived before and now, where they work, where they came from, etc. An immigration lawyer collects all the right information about his client, fights the case nicely & makes sure to give the client a clean chit, the right place to live, the real citizenship the way his client deserves. This kind of lawyer often remained the highest-paid lawyers in the law-job-field.$162,000 can be expected for this kind of lawyer.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Genuinely, an intellectual property lawyer handles,take-over the copyright, patent & trademark of companies or brands. They are supposed to help their client make the best goods that are different from others and what others can do & can’t do with their interests, which the company has been completed. It’s a popular department from the law field to earn the highest payment, that’s also could be demanding for $155,000.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

When someone gets accused wrongly, tried to prove himself innocent but failed again & again, a criminal lawyer becomes the priority for him who can fight his case rightly, give him clean chit for the certain deeds that he didn’t do.

This type of lawyer gives their clients justice by fighting the case properly, which his client couldn’t handle all alone. Well, the lawyer provides a man with justice & in return, he gets the highest payment, which is about $70,000-$80,000.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

It’s too simple to understand that a lawyer must be needed to make their firm or company a “starting point” again when a company or a firm gets bankrupted. This department’s lawyer helps his client with all financial issues, which was unfinished until now, like covering up all debt or costs issues that the company has been made.

A bankruptcy lawyer finds the most significant point to get rid out of it and stops the company from getting bankrupted. Sometimes, they have many pieces of advice to give their client to handle such a situation primarily. As it’s one of the most tough-rough departments of law field to make the most money, one’s capabilities can bring the 

the highest amount of salary of $100,000-$150,000.

Tax Attorneys

It’s too simple to understand that considerable responsibility comes to the way when a business is about to start, which remains tax issues. As it’s a massive responsibility for a business owner, he must need a tax attorney to handle all of his tax issues.

A tax attorney helps his client by taking over all tax-related tasks. He can also suggest his client make his taxes paid smoothly. It’s a very tough-rough job to earn the most money from law-field, of course, one’s capability can bring him with such the highest amount such as $100,000 in a year.

Well, it depends on your knowledge, passion, patience & of course, hard works. But, make sure that you choose the best & suitable one for you, which can aid you in reaching your goal. GOOD LUCK!!!     





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