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There is no doubt that a lawyer’s profession is quite lucrative in terms of payments. It is believed that this is one of the most rewarding professionals in the recent past. On the other hand, lawyers salary are the richest people in our society. Parents spend huge amounts of money on seeing their children to the law as a career profession. It takes quite several years to qualify as one as well; hence the lawyers salary is worth it.

Most lawyers earn in an hourly basis, while others earn every week while others earn every month.  But what is lawyers salary exactly? Are you contemplating getting into this profession in the future? Well, this article pays attention on the lawyers salary as discussed below:

What is an average lawyers salary ?

The 2017 survey by the National Association of Law Placement states that a starting lawyer should earn an average of American salary of $135,000.  Reputable firms with more than 500 employees offer an attorney vs. lawyer salary of $160,000.

It is also worth mentioning that as a lawyer, the first salary does not matter as this will quickly jump up to a larger scale within no time. According to research, in law, growth is quite fast as long as you are willing to work hard.

Do lawyers actually make good money?

Yes, lawyers make good money, especially the top and successful lawyer. They make exorbitant salaries, but in a real sense, other lawyers earn relatively less salaries compared to other professional fields.

What is the highest amount a lawyer can make?

It can be hard to tell, but, the highest-earning lawyers receive an average  US salary of $80.77 per hour.  This can sum up to $168,010 as an annual lawyer’s salary. Keep in mind that lawyers who are paid on an hourly basis earn more than those who opt for flat fees.

What are the factors that determine a lawyer’s salary?

  • The experience of the lawyer: Experience matters a lot in this profession in relation to salary. Highly experienced lawyers win most of their cases and have a good reputation. They are highly paid.
  • The qualifications of the lawyer: A good lawyer must have a Bachelor’s degree in any course, passed through a law school for three years, passed the LSAT exams as well as the Bar exams.
  • The type of case and clients that you are dealing with
  • Their location such as state
  • The nature of the lawyer, for example, family lawyers earn less than criminal lawyers.


There is no doubt that the lawyers’ salaries are quite attractive.  After reading this article, I bet many people are now tempted to join this profession. Well, it’s a good idea it’s only that you should note that nothing comes on a silver plate. You have to work hard and smart to earn more as a lawyer.  You have to pass through a top law school, passed the LSAT exams as WELL AS Bar exams to be accredited as one.

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