How long does it take to become a lawyer?

Pursuing a career as a lawyer requires patience and a lot of determination. One must have a Bachelor’s degree, which takes quite several years.   It is worth mentioning that period one takes to How long does it take to become a lawyer depends on the country and the state. You must also pass through a law school for further training that takes three years.  The period mainly depends on being a full-time student as well as pass all our exams, such as the Bar exam. How long does it take to become a lawyer?

How fast can you become a lawyer?

A lawyer in the making is required to pursue a Bachelor’s degree from an authorized university. He/she must study or a period of four years as an undergraduate student. The funniest thing about your Bachelor’s degree is the fact that you must not base your studies in a legal field or nay specific course.  It can be any course as long as you earn a Bachelor’s degree.

  For instance, in the USA, most American Bar Association Accredited requires applicants first to complete their Bachelor’s degree before they can be admitted into a law school.  In other places, you can be admitted into a law school with just two years of undergraduate coursework and passing an equivalent exam.  Nonetheless, entering a top law school can be challenging with two-year coursework. All the same, this alone does not determine how long it takes to become a lawyer

How long does it take to become a lawyer in Canada?

In Canada, you are required to have two to four years of university program as well as a Juris Doctor of a degree from a recognized law school.  This will be followed by bar exams as well as a background check-up that will determine whether you are licensed or not.  All this process can take a period of 4 to 6 years before you can be allowed to start practicing law.

Is it hard to become a lawyer?

Defending a client in a courtroom can be quite complicated. Becoming a lawyer not only depends on your education but your determination as well. In the USA, you need to attend an undergraduate school, law school and take the bar exams. You must pass in all the exams to qualify as a lawyer. That’s why a lawyer’s salary is worth it.

Can you just take the bar exam to become a lawyer in Canada?

After graduating from a law school and now you want to acquire this special title, you have to sit for the bar exam in California. Preparing for the bar exam can take a period of between three to six months based on your brain.  After passing this exam, you are still not yet allowed to practice law until you are registered with the bar.  The bar can only admit you after passing a pass character and fitness review by the state’s bar association. This entails running a background check on your finances, criminal records, and employment as well as residence history.  The period will depend on how your background is clean though it takes a couple of months.


As mentioned earlier, how long it takes to become a lawyer requires hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience. It can take you up to 8 years in order to be approved as one.

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