Disadvantages of Being Lawyer


Have you finished school? You must be thinking about which profession you will choose. I understand your difficulty in selecting a career because it is tough to decide.It’s tough to decide when you have many choices in front of you.

You may have the dream of having a prestigious job, everybody has. Like the profession of a doctor, engineer, professor, a lawyer’s career seems lucrative.

I would say everything has two sides- good or bad; the choice of being a lawyer has some advantages and disadvantages.

Why Does One Want to Be a Lawyer? 

Everyone wants to honor and respect society; that’s why he/she wants to join a respected profession. Moreover, many people choose their job from a motif to be rich. Many of you think that you’ll be rich within a short time if you be a lawyer. 

Now, the question arises, is being a lawyer so easy? NO, it’s hardworking and time-consuming. Still, people study at law school, or admits in the Law Department of any well-known university, to have a high social status.

List of Disadvantages of Being a Lawyer 

There are multiple disadvantages of being a lawyer, so I’m sharing ten disadvantages here. 

  • Law Schools are Costly. 
  • The Profession is Time-Consuming.
  • You will have Professional Gatherings Only.
  • This is Going to Be Stressful for You
  • Higher Social Expectations 
  • You Won’t Get Paid Well at First
  • You May Not Get along with Your Clients
  • Continually Changing Laws
  • Competitive Job Market
  • You May Have Enemies as Well

Law Schools Are Costly

If you want to be a lawyer, you will have to enroll in a reputed law school or a prestigious university’s law department. Unfortunately, the fees in those schools are high. After medical colleges, law schools are the second most expensive.

Many students can’t effort these schools due to their limited income. That’s why many students have to bury their dream of being a lawyer. Those schools which are not expensive, don’t provide quality education sometimes.

Being a Lawyer Is Time- Consuming

You have to study for at least 6-7 years (graduation and higher studies) to be a qualified lawyer. Moreover, it would help if you practiced under a high profile lawyer to develop your career. 

A developed career in law asks for a lot of time, 

may it be on the study table or the working desk.  

A Load of Professional Meeting: 

If I talk about social gatherings, you will have to attend seminars and get-togethers of lawyers. You may have to go on trips and stay away from home for your profession. You will get fewer chances of being with family or friends.

Your family members can complain about your busy life, for not spending enough time with them. But you will have nothing to do because you would have already chosen your profession.

It Is Going to Be Stressful 

Long time table works, billings, meeting clients, facing courtrooms are not pleasant at all. They will create a lot of stress, but you won’t have to relax for your never-ending workload. 

This may cause some side effects in your body if you keep working and taking stress.

Higher Social Expectations 

The pressure on you may increase when society starts expecting more from you. Sometimes, people won’t understand that you can’t always fulfill their expectations.

This type of failure can create a low image of yours. The poor image can be harmful to your career.

You Won’t Get Paid Well at First

The salary scales of lawyers is not high. The joining salary of lawyers is low. So, the profession is not how it looks like. Only a few lawyers are highly paid.

The clients are also conscious of the lawyer’s fees; they don’t prefer to pay a new lawyer high.

You May Not Get along with Your Clients.

It’s not guaranteed that you will like all of your clients. Some of them can be annoying. But if you want to earn well, you can’t choose your clients. You will have to work with anyone who comes.

Continually Changing Laws

The laws related to anything keeps changing with time. It’s not constant, that’s why you need to keep up your pace with the changes. If you become a high profile advocate, you have to analyze rules and sometimes make rules. 

You will have to deal with the changing laws till the last day of your service.

Competitive Job Market

The job market is getting competitive with the increasing population and scopes. Despite the high cost, many students are choosing to be lawyers. Is it possible for everyone to be in the top position? NO, it’s not.

As a result, the field of barristers, advocates, or justices is becoming more competitive. The virtual helpline of lawyers is also increasing the competition. 

You May Have Enemies

When you’re a criminal or defense lawyer, you may have to fight a case against a powerful, influential person. It doesn’t matter what the judgment is they can hold a grudge against you. They can take it personally and may also be vengeful.

So, I would say if you be a lawyer, try to avoid personal enmities. Don’t trust anyone blindly and carefully choose your near ones.


The final question you have to ask yourself, are you ready to be a lawyer? If you want to be, then prepare yourself to face these hardships. But if you’re not prepared, I would suggest you not to be a lawyer.

Success in any profession needs struggle, hardships, and time investment. Contribute your labor and valuable time; one day, you will get your outcome. If you’re still confused, ask for help from your family members.

They will suggest you the best decision for you. If the advantages are more than disadvantages in your point of view, set the goal of being a lawyer.


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