What Personality Type A Lawyer Has


Personality varies from person to person. That means personality is unique for every individual. According to research, lawyers can have some common personality types that go with his/her profession. So should know that What Personality Type A Lawyer Has.

According to a renowned personality test called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, you can distinguish your personality type. Every person has his/her ways and strategies to flourish in his/her chosen career.

Yet, career counselors find MBTI useful to identify a suitable career for one and make optimistic changes to succeed. In this article, readers will be able to identify their personality types. It will help them modify their personalities according to their career and preferences.

It will also enrich your knowledge about discovering a person’s personality type and many personality types of a lawyer. Today, I am going to discuss the personality types of lawyers. 


What Is MBTI: Interesting To Know

MBTI is one of the most popular personality tests. It is made by a mother named Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter named Isabella Briggs Meyers. They created it based on the theory of personality types of Carl Jung’s book. There are four poles of traits. You need to choose one trait that suits to your personality traits for each pole. The four poles are as follows-

  • Introversion or Extroversion

    : Do you feel comfortable and reenergized from the external world? For example, people, things, talks, discussions, action, behavior, etc. Do you feel reenergized and refresh from your inner world? For instance: Your own alone time with yourself, ideas, creativity, thinking, etc.
  • If the first one is almost similar to you, you need to choose extroversion. If the 2nd one is virtually alike with you, you need to select introversion. You need to shorten these terms. Extroversion’s short form is E. Introversion’s short form, is I?  
  • Sensing or Intuition: 

    Do you collect information practically by sensing through your five senses? Do you gather information beyond these five senses through underlying causes, meanings, and principles? In case, first one is right for you, I need to choose sensing whose short form is S. In case,2nd one is true for you, you need to select intuition whose short way is I
  • Thinking Or Feeling: 

    Do you make decisions logically and reasonably by given rules and regulations? Do you make decisions by feeling the situation with empathy considering everyone’s view? If the first question is right for you, you need to vote for thinking whose short form is T. If the second question is really for you, you need to vote for feeling whose quick way is F.

        . Judging or Perceiving: Do you live in a designed and organized way? Do you want to live in            a freestyle? If the first one is true, you need to vote for judging whose short form is J. If the 2nd            one is true for you, you have to vote for perceiving whose short way is P.What Personality Type A Lawyer Has

Common What Personality Type A Lawyer Has: You Must Know

In 1993, a study was conducted to determine lawyer personality types. Larry Richard conducted it. According to that study, the most common personality types of lawyers are as follows-

  • Introversion (I) Sensing (S) Thinking (T) Judging (J). ISTJ personality type is prevalent in 17.8 percent of lawyers. So, it is the most common lawyer personality type. 
  • Introversion(I) Intuition (N) Thinking (T) Judging ( J). INRJ is prevalent in 13.1 percent of lawyers.
  • Extroversion (E) Sensing(S) Thinking (T) Judging (J). ESTJ is prevalent in 10.3 percent of lawyers.
  • Extroversion (E) Intuition (N) Thinking(T) Perceiving (P). ENTP is common in 9.7 percent of lawyers.
  • Introversion (I) Intuition (N) Thinking (T) Perceiving (P). INTP is typical in 9.4 percent of lawyers.
  • Extroversion(E) Intuition (N) Thinking (T) Judging (J). ENTJ is similar in 9 percent of lawyers.

Least Common Personality Types Of Lawyers: You Must Also Know Along With Common Types

  • Extroversion( E) Sensing (S) Feeling(F) Perceiving (P). ESFP is only 0.5 percent of lawyers. 
  • Introversion (I) Sensing (S) Feeling (F) Perceiving(P). It is only in 1.4 percent of lawyers.
  • Extroversion (E) Sensing(S) Feeling(F) Judging(J). It is only in 2.7 percent of lawyers.
  • Introversion (I) Intuition (N) Feeling(F) Judging(J). It is only in 2.7 percent of lawyers.
  • Extroversion( E) Intuition (N) Feeling(F) Judging( J).It is merely in 2.9 percent lawyers.
  • Extroversion(E) Sensing (S) Thinking(T) Perceiving (P). It is in 3.3 percent of lawyers.

The Most Of The Lawyers Are Extrovert Or Introvert: Read to learn

Most of the lawyers are introvert. Extroverts are also there in the law profession. 

Are You A Sensing/Intuition Based Lawyer: You May Be Curious About

A sensing lawyer wants to do such works and practices where he/she can acquire reliable and practical effects. For instance: general rule, real estate, and tax laws. On the other hand, an intuitive lawyer likes to do such works and practices to analyze creatively from every corner’s view. For example, labor law, criminal case, litigation, etc.

Thinking Or Feeling: Which Is Suitable For A lawyer

Law is such a profession where one needs to think more. Thinker lawyers are the most logical people. They never take any conflicts personally. That’s why they prefer to argue. They are books based. Personal opinions don’t impact their logic and decisions. Feelers are the ones who don’t want to dive into conflict. They take matters personally. They are the most helpful ones. They try to bring harmony and equality.


What Personality Type A Lawyer Has

Are You A Judger Lawyer Or A perceiver Lawyer: Have A Look To Know

Most of the lawyers are judging lawyers. Judging lawyers proceed with structured plans, schedules, lists. They confined to them and made their plan by these aforementioned organized tools. Perceivers are the most adaptable ones. That means they keep their options and strategies open. They also use lists, but they use them as rough. They add and subtract according to situations, circumstances, and preferences to change the game.


Did you enjoy reading and understand the lawyer’s personality type? People of any personality type can be lawyers. Even people of every walk can be in any profession according to their preferences. Most importantly, you only need to make required positive changes and take innovative strategies so that you can be the most suitable one for your profession. 

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