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What is the name of the Lincoln Lawyer?

The Lincoln lawyer is a 2011 American neo-noir legal thriller film that pays attention on a Los Angeles lawyer, Mickey Haller. Haller is a professional businessman in the Lincoln Town Car of the Title. He mainly deals with drugs, con artists, call girls, and a range of petty crimes.  In other words, his main clients are petty criminals, call girls, and drug dealers.

Why is it called The Lincoln Lawyer?

Mickey is popularly referred to as “The Lincoln Lawyer” mainly because his office is in the Lincoln Town Car.  He spends most of his days driving this car around LA in meetings as well as court sessions in courthouses and jails. According to Haller, he operates in “the gray areas,” also described as Connelly’s work.

The funniest thing about Lincoln lawyer is the fact that he is not interested in the innocence or guilt of his clients.  Haller emphasizes that there is no client as afraid as an innocent one. As a matter of fact, he explains that such clients understand that if the lawyer fails to prevent such a person from going to jail, then the attorney will be haunted for the rest of his life.  In other words, Connelly puts it straight to Haller in His Novel: “The law was not about the truth. It was about negotiation, amelioration, manipulation.”

Is the Lincoln Lawyer a true story?

The Lincoln Lawyer cast is created from different novels about a fictional lawyer, Mickey Haller.  His character is based on a real person known as David Ogden. The Lincoln lawyer wants to make some points clear regarding the defense lawyers and the police-district attorneys.  He scolds them for their lack of morals as well as a willingness to work hard and free their clients. What amazes readers, on the other hand, is the fact Connelly does not love the law as well as order.  He sympathizes with the poor, but it is mentioned that his “evenhandedness” is overruled and regarded as illusory.

According to most readers, what makes The Lincoln Lawyer most interesting and effective is Haller. He is outstanding, and without doubts, he willingly carries the story from the start to the end. You won’t believe that Haller that from an interview with Jay Leno, Haller admits that he originally wanted to be a lawyer. But at the age of 21, he did his math and realized that he wouldn’t spend many years going to school to get his law degree.  That is when he made a decision to focus on his career program to film production. He states, “Now, I can be a lawyer for six months (in a film), then retires and do something else”.

While acting as a defense lawyer, he follows lawyers cutting deals and sat in on several trials. He says, “I got to see them as performances. Good ones can win a case, and poor ones can sink it”. In other words, Haller is referring to his performance as the Lincoln Lawyer. The jury is here, but this time around, the verdict is on his side. Case closed!

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