san francisco motorcycle accident lawyer

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle rider’s only protection is a helmet and clothing. For this reason, riders often found in a crash site with a serious injury like head injury, back or spinal cord trauma, or other serious life alerting injuries. An accident is not always caused by bikers, but by the reckless and inattentive drivers of the car, bus, trucks, semi-truck or any other vehicle. Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger are the San Francisco Motorcycle accident lawyer who has 50 years of experience of handling catastrophic injuries, permanent disability and ongoing need for medical care.

Automobile insurance companies always try to take advantage of motorcycle accidents by a less settlement offer which is not enough to a motorcycle injury or denying the claims. So hire a skilled, professional San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer.

What causes motorcycle accidents

A passenger car accident crash and a motorcycle accident are not the same.  Motorcycle riders have only clothing and helmet as their safety. So, the chances are to get injured than the car crash. Motorcycle deaths happen 27 times more than other vehicles. To live in San Francisco safely, as a motorcyclist you need to know which are the common causes and how to avoid them.

Negligence of other driver contributes in a large way too many motorcycle accident in San Francisco. Negligence is when a driver doesn’t drive with enough responsibility. Other drivers can cause the accident while they do any of the following:

  • Follow or overtake too closely.
  • Texting while driving.
  • Drive while drunk.
  • Drive while distracted.
  • Turn left into an oncoming motorcycle.
  • Fail to detect motorcycle while pulling out.
  • Merge lanes on top of a motorcycle.

Over speeding, overtaking too closely and failing to yield the right-of-way at intersections is a dangerous act of negligence which leads a driver liability in the motorcycle accident. So, it’s up to a passenger driver to pay attention to the road and follow the traffic rules, avoid distractions and watch carefully on the road for other transports especially motorcycle. The passenger vehicle driver, truck drivers can prevent many motorcycle accidents by driving carefully on the road.

There might be another reason behind the motorcycle accident. For example, the vehicle or part failure, Tire blowouts, brake failure, leaking fuel tanks and overheating engine, etc. If any of these happened on the road, a biker won’t be able to control his bike. That’s why the accident happens. So it is very important to maintain bike regularly, take it for repairs if necessary and always make sure that the motorcycle is safe and everything is Ok.

Unexpected death and Motorcycle Accidents

If motorcycle accidents lead to death and you lost a loved one you can make a file of wrongful death claims under San Francisco Law against that wrong driver.  That means if you’re a spouse, child, parent or sibling of the person who died for motorcycle accident you able to receive compensation. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine the fault as well as make the case and win the case. The family members of a motorcycle accident can file a wrongful death action if they have the following types of damages:

  • Medical expenses that deceased’s final injuries
  • Lost in earning capacity and future income
  • Loss of benefits
  • Reimbursement for funeral and burial costs
  • Emotional distress, loss of partnership and guidance that means Nonmonetary   damages

If you recently involved with a motorcycle accident, the most important job for you is to collect and preserving important evidence. Here is a list of some most important evidence which is important for your case.

The Police Report

As the San Francisco law, if someone reports an injury it requires police to report the scene of the crash site. After investigating the crash site, the responding police officer will create a report about the accident. It will include all the details like when, where and how the accident occurred, diagrams and photographic evidence, information of witnesses related to the accident. It should be mention that- if it is found the other driver was breaking the rules and responsibilities for the crash, the report is invaluable for the negotiation process. Hire a San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer to collect more information.

Photos of the crash site

If possible, it is good to take pictures of the accident spot before the police arrive. Photograph the other car, car’s number plate and any other property that damaged by that accident.

Your Helmet

Your helmet is a valuable piece of evidence in the court. So, don’t alter it and take this when going to trial. Take a picture of it at the spot if possible. Your helmet can show you to the jury board that you are not responsible for your own injury and you took enough precautions to avoid becoming hurt.

Your medical reports

Your medical reports are also important documents to your case.  If an ambulance took you to the hospital ask them for a copy of the EMT’s notes. You’ll also need copies of emergency physician’s notes as well as the result of imaging or scans. When you describing to a doctor about your injuries collect an official medical record at that time.

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California Motorcyclist Laws

Motorcyclist of California must follow all traffic rules and as well as some specific laws to owning and operating a motorcycle. To fulfill your duty of care you need to know these rules.

  1. Your handlebars must be appropriate to your height. According to California Law, your handlebar must not be more than 6 inches than you shoulder height when you are on the seat.
  2. You must have a valid motorcycle driving license. For this, your age must be more the 16 years and you need to complete a motorcycle rider training course.
  3. Your exhaust system must be working properly in accordance with the Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act of 2010.
  4. If you own a motorcycle which is produced after 1973, you must have to use your front and rear turn signals.
  5. If you face any motorcycle accident in San Francisco, find a skilled San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer to get the most recovery of your loss.

Find best San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The negligent driver of a car, truck, bus or any other vehicle may inattentive to drive, follow or overtake the motorcycle too closely or may fail to yield the right of way to a motorcycle. The drivers are often using the excuse that he or she was unaware.

The professional San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers are skilled at identifying and recovering against all responsible parties. The responsible parties could be negligent vehicle driver. When a family member has suffered from a serious injury in a motorcycle accident, the whole family may need the help of compensation and a motorcycle injury lawyer. A professional and skilled San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer can help you to get maximum compensation from a motorcycle accident.

Example: Left turn Accident has happened in San Leandro which makes the 5.75-million-dollar settlement. A crane mechanic who was just 25 years old had sustained spinal cord injury while riding his motorcycle. While he was riding, another car making a turn across five lanes of traffic at a blind curve. The driver initially denied the liability for the collision and was getting suspended his license because he was at fault and driving over the 40mph speed limit and failed to break timely.

Then this case handled by a professional lawyer and the lawyer showed to the court that, the auto driver had the best and last opportunity to avoid the collision and the injury could be avoided if the driver would check the roadway before driving across five lanes of traffic. While the accident occurred the biker’s spinal cord was injured when his head hits the side of the vehicle. As a result, the biker won the case with the help of a professional lawyer and this case was get settle down with $5.75 million.


So, it is always good to hire a professional San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer to get the maximum compensation and get justice. Because motorcycle can create a huge loss to your body. You may fall into an economic problem after a motorcycle accident. So it is always good to hire a San Francisco motorcycle lawyer to get most recovery.

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