Child marriage Causes

Child Marriage Facts and Causes

According to UNFPA data, the factors responsible for child marriage include poverty and economic instability; Gender discrimination; Land-deposit or property contract; Protect the honor of the family; Common customs or practices; And insecurity, especially during war, famine or pestilence. There are other reasons – building a strong bond between two families through marriage. The reasons […]

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Personal Injury Lawyer - Career Overview

Personal Injury Lawyer – Career Overview

A personal injury lawyer, also known as a prosecutor or a judge lawyer, is a housewife who provides legal representation to the complainant for physical or mental injury resulting from negligence or inappropriate acts of another person, entity or institution. Personal injury attorneys specialize in a field of law practice known as tort which includes […]

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Effects of child marriage

What Is the Effects of child marriage and How Does It Work?

The effects of child marriage are widespread on girls, which persists even after adulthood. Women who get married before or after adolescence suffer from health problems as a result of early pregnancy. Early pregnancy causes complications in childbirth. Pregnancy in poor countries is tied to education at a young age, which hinders their economic survival. […]

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history of child marriage

History Of Child Marriage: Do You Really Need It?

Child marriage is a prevalent practice worldwide. However, this practice is questioned in the twentieth century when the minimum age of marriage is increased in different countries. History of child marriage: Do you really need it? In ancient and medieval society, girls were usually married before adolescence. In ancient Greece, marriage and motherhood were encouraged […]

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How to became a barrister

How To Become A Barrister Your Way To Success

Barrister At-Law Brief At-Law Bar. How to be a barrister, a nine-month ‘Bar Professional Training Course’ (in short BPTC) is required in England. Upon successful completion of this course, the accreditation and certificate of the England Bar Council are available. Anyone with pre-qualification can take this course. Prerequisite for Bar Professional Training Course Direct admission […]

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