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The Secret of Successful Lawyer Working Conditions

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Every sovereign country has some rules and laws for every citizen of that country. These laws are formed by the lawyers of the state. Lawyers are also known as attorney or advocate or advisors. But there are a few differences between them. Advocates are those who use all evidence of a case to defend his/ her client at criminal and civil trials, Lawyer is known as advisors when he/ she advise his/ her clients about the client’s right and suggest techniques to deal with legal problems. Lawyers always research legal rights and apply the law to the client’s circumstances. And every lawyer has his own lawyer working conditions.

A lawyer working hours

It is the most important lawyer working conditions. Because their time is valuable and they don’t want to waste a second. In general, to become a successful lawyer one should study 4 years in college. In these 4 years, he/ she will get a bachelor degree which means he/she will complete LLB from a college. And then he/ she should study for 3 years in law school. After completing law school, they need to admit a written test which is known as a bar examination and he/ she must pass in this exam to become a lawyer.

The lawyers need to work hard and maybe they found busy even in the off day. A successful lawyer put a long hour at his/her office and work hard. They need to sacrifice their evenings and weekends to work with their clients. Because may clients may do their own 9 to 5 jobs and don’t get enough time to visit a lawyer. But salaried lawyer and associates work according to their daily schedule. They normally work 8 hours at the office but sometimes when the demand gets high they may need to overtime.

Private and solo practitioner lawyer typically don’t have regular working hours. Especially who have started their own law firm? Because they need to spend more time with clients, research, writing blog, work with their firm marketing strategies.

Overall, maybe a lawyer’s working hour is 55 to 70 hours or even more per week but they may be billed to their clients for 40 to 50 hours. Almost 37 percent of lawyers are working full time work more 50 hours per week.

Types of Lawyers and the Lawyer Working Conditions

Most of the lawyers work for government agencies. Some lawyers may work as public defenders or prosecutors. The attorneys work for the federal government of the state. They represent the government in civil and criminal cases, draft potential new laws and provide investigation work for the Justice Department.

Some lawyers are working for non-profit organizations. These non-profit organizations provide legal service the poor people who are helpless but need legal support. These are not the lawyer working conditions but they do for humanity. Since public defender lawyer exists to help those people who are unable to afford attorneys in criminal cases. Non-profit organizations are specialized to provide legal support in civil cases.

Attorneys mostly spend their time in courtrooms, law libraries or legal offices. They may need to meet their clients at home, prisons or hospitals. They also may need to travel to various places for the meeting or investigate or the courtrooms. Lawyers always must stay up to date about the recent judicial decisions and laws.

However, there are few types of a lawyer depending on their working strategy. Here we discussed few.

1. Seasonal Lawyer

It is one of the lawyer working conditions for some lawyers. Seasonal lawyers mean a lawyer who provides customer services at a particular period of time every year. For example, the tax lawyers are the seasonal lawyers.

A seasonal lawyer doesn’t mean that the lawyer is just working for a certain period of time. It doesn’t mean exactly seasonal. They may experience spikes in taking clients and caseloads. During this particular time, a seasonal lawyer may experience in the great level of stress, he/ she need to work more hours than usual and he/ she may get paid high.

2. Freelancer Lawyer

The lawyers who passed the bar exam but don’t want to work as a salaried lawyer at a law firm or not willing to work as an associate. He/ she may get established as a freelancer or remote lawyer. Freelancer or remote lawyers may get found by working with established firms and agencies.

Freelancer lawyer is flexible to their clients. They have more flexibility with time and caseloads. They may have their own office and they can even work with comfort form their own home.

3. 24/7 Access

Generally, this service provided by some competitive law firms. They 24 hours service on 7 days to access to lawyers that means the client can contact the lawyer at any time of any day. The lawyers may have to provide customer service 24/7 on-call process. This is very useful to those clients who may urgently need to know some information and just call an office to find their answer. This is not typically provided by most of the firms. Actually, this 24/7 access to a lawyer is very common for high-profile cases.

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Job growth for lawyers is expected to be average. In 2006, the number of attorneys/ lawyers was 761,000. 27 percent of attorneys were self-employed as either as private or partnership business owner. Most of the lawyers are working for the government. Federal government lawyers mainly work for the Defense, Treasure or Justice Dept. Salaried lawyers provide house counsel for banks, insurance companies, manufacturing firms, and public utilities. There are some lawyers who worked as a part-time. They do it for independent practice.

Some lawyers are work in law schools. Most of them are work as part-time. It is also a lawyer working conditions for some part-timers. They teach while they are not practicing law. Can you guess about the annual salary of the lawyer?


In May of 2006, $102,470 was the median annual salary or combined wages for lawyers.

Attorneys in the middle of the pay spectrum can easily earn between $69,910-145,600. In May of 2006,

median annual earnings for attorneys were as follows:

  • State government – $75,840.
  • Local government – $78,810.
  • Legal services – $108,100.
  • Federal government – $119,240.
  • Company management – $128,610.

This salary may vary depending on the location of work, type and the size of the law firm. Generally, the lawyers who practice with their own are earned less than lawyers who have partners. But the lawyers who are established and experienced may earn more.

A lawyer must need a good communication skill and also should have strong interpersonal skills. Because they need to work with clients with a wide range of emotional or personal situations. Clients may come into the office while he/ she is angry, depressed or emotionally upset due to their situation. So, however, the lawyer needs to discuss with the client and handle the whole situation properly. A lawyer spends a significant amount of time with their clients. He/ she need to use the telephone, e-mail, letters or need to move to communicate with clients and other legal professionals.

Courtroom Solutions

In the courtroom, a lawyer is the representative of his/ her client. The lawyer provides advice to his/ her client. The lawyers explain the legal rights, obligations, and take appropriate actions in every situation.  The lawyer negotiates the terms to ensure honest outcome and need to evaluate the evidence.  They also need to write reports and summaries of the outcome. In the courtroom, a lawyer should act professionally to provide support to their clients and to win the case. The lawyers act at the courtroom is very important to the client because rulings can totally alter the client’s life. Discuss with your lawyer to know his own lawyer working conditions and then move forward to the next plan.

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